The Finnish screw piles of Paalupiste Oy provide the finest quality on the market. Paalupiste Oy is the only Finnish manufacturer of screw piles to have been awarded ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management certification. The material used in ECO series screw piles is high-quality SH355J2H steel and in PRO and HELIX series screw piles, S420MH/355J2H steel. The hot dip galvanizing of screw piles is high-quality Finnish labour, carried out according to BS ISO 1461 standard.

“PRO”- Screw Piles are high quality series of screw piles for professional builders and consumers who value quality. PRO-series of screw piles, for instance, uses a stronger quality of steel, has a thick screw helice, is better suited for re-use, and carries a 100 YEAR GUARANTEE. PRO-series screw piles are the perfect choice for all foundation requirements.

  • Standard tube sizes:60.3×2.9mm, 60.3x5mm, 76.1×6.3mm, 88.9×3.2mm, 88.9×6.3mm, 114.3×6.3mm
  • Customized tube sizes:114.3×3.6mm, 139.7×6-8mm, 168.3×6-10mm, 219.1×6-12mm, 323.9×6-12mm
  • Steel grade:S420MH/355J2H, customized up to S550
  • Standard flange diameter:150-400mm, customized up to 1 200mm
  • Flange thickness:8-12mm
  • Standard lengths:1.50m, 2.00m, 2.40m, 3.00m, 4.00m, 6.00m
  • Customized lengths:5.00m, 12.00m
  • Standard extension lengths:1.00m, 1.50m, 2.00m, 3.00m
  • Guarantee:100 years
“HELIX™-Screw Piles are 2nd generation screw piles for DIY-construction works with extremely durable screw head that has been designed to penetrate in the ground requiring less compression and it´s also easier to install precisely in right place. HELIX-Screw Piles can be installed both manually or with machine. This extremely high quality pile comes with the longest 50 YEAR GUARANTEE DIY-screw pile guarantee in the market but is still moderately priced.

  • Tube size:60.3 x 2.9mm hot zinc galvanized
  • Steel grade: S420MH/355J2H
  • Diameter of flange:160 mm
  • Flange thickness:casted screw head
  • Standard lengths:0.70m, 1.20m, 1.70m, 2.20m, 3.20m
  • Standard extension lengths:1.00m, 1.50m, 2.00m, 3.00m
  • Guarantee:50 years


“ECO”-Screw piles are low cost but high-quality range of screw piles for consumer use. The ECO-series of screw piles are highly suitable as foundations for all yard and garden buildings. ECO carries a 30 YEAR GUARANTEE

  • Tube size:60.3 x 2.9mm hot zinc galvanized
  • Steel grade:S355
  • Diameter of flange:150 mm
  • Flange thickness:5 mm
  • Standard lengths:0.70 m, 1.20 m, 1.70 m, 2.20 m, 3.20 m
  • Standard extension lengths:1.00m, 1.50m, 2.00m, 3.00m
  • Guarantee:30 years

Paalupiste uses only the highest level of steel produced in Europe. We don’t use re-used steel or steel produced in Asia.


Paalupiste uses only ISO1408 certified galvanization for the products


Load verification by torque, piling document, load tests: pull test, PDA-test. Paalupiste offers also professional screw pile design. Paalupiste offers also education for screw pile design and installation. Always make sure the installer is aware of the load verification methods and trained by Paalupiste.

What features should be required from a good screw pile?

Make sure that material certificates are available if needed for the piles you purchase. This ensures that your piles are made from exactly the material indicated by the manufacturer – and not, for example, from a weaker grade of steel or from recycled steel.

Load tables and measuring guides
Reliable load tables should be available for the piles you intend to use, according to pile type. If necessary, the manufacturer must be able to provide guidance in measuring your screw pile requirements.
Country of origin
There are imported screw piles imported from overseas manufacturers that may look like decent piles, but often don’t come anywhere near the level of quality standards we use with our products.