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The screw pile is a very quick and effortless foundation method Installation does not cause vibration or require large-scale earthworks, so the soil remains undisturbed and the environment intact. In addition, frost insulation is not required provided the screw pile helix is rotated below the frost line.

A hand installable screw pile can be inserted into the ground, for example with a crowbar or other source of torque. A hand installable screw pile is well suited for applications that require only a few piles, or for instance, where mechanical installation is impossible owing to limited accessibility. Installation is done by using a crowbar first to make a starting hole in the ground c. 20-30 cm deep, then installing the screw pile by turning clockwise until it reaches the desired depth.

A machine-installable screw pile is installed in the ground using a hydraulic rotation motor, which is usually attached to an excavator, front loader or similar vehicle. A single machine-installable screw pile is slightly cheaper than a hand-installable screw pile and well suited for applications where a large number of piles are required. Also, all piles with 250 mm and 400 mm helices are machine-installed models. Using machine installation, piles can be installed in harder and stonier soil types than with manual installation. You can order the installation of machine installable screw piles, from Paalupiste Oy, or from your local retailer.

Screw piles are made from S420MH steel and are generally delivered hot-dip galvanized, but larger screw piles with 6.3 mm wall strengths are normally supplied without surface treatment.

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Advantages of screw piles

A long-lasting foundation method

Hot-dip galvanized screw piles are highly resistant to corrosion.


Fast installation, no large-scale earthmoving, no frost insulation, no drainage, no casting, possibility of manual installation using e.g. a crowbar, affordable transport and storage. 

Countless applications

New buildings and extensions, summer cottages, warehouses, carports, terraces, fences, piers, lighting poles, traffic signs, pipelines, agricultural and industrial buildings, etc.

Easy to build

Different types of fasteners allow for easy connection of screw piles to other structures.

Effortless and fast installation

Screw pile installation takes only a few minutes. 

Environmentally friendly

The hand-installation option and light installation equipment protect yards and plants.

Excellent compression and tension loads

Allows for construction on weak soils.

Immediately ready for use

No curing time; can be installed in all weather conditions and used for underwater foundations.

Installation can be carried out in confined spaces

Screw piles can be installed in interiors and beside walls, and are suitable for less accessible sites.

No soil disturbance

Light installation equipment avoids disturbance to the soil.

Noiseless and vibration-free installation

Can be used in places where noise and vibration may disrupt the environment. Can be installed at any time of the day.


Screw piles can be unscrewed and re-used. Very suitable for temporary structures.