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The Finnish screw piles of Paalupiste Oy provide the finest quality on the market. Paalupiste Oy is the only Finnish manufacturer of screw piles to have been awarded ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management certification and the products are CE-marked. The material used in ECO series screw piles is high-quality SH355J2H steel and in PRO series screw piles, SH420MH steel. The hot dip galvanizing of screw piles is high-quality Finnish work, carried out according to BS ISO 1461 standard.


Paalupiste Pro-sarja

PRO series

The PRO series from Paalupiste Oy is a high quality series of screw piles for professional builders and consumers who value quality. Compared to the ECO series, the PRO series of screw piles, for instance, uses a stronger quality of steel, has a thicker helix, is better suited for re-use, and carries a longer guarantee. PRO series screw piles are the perfect choice for all foundation requirements.

Pipe size:60.3 x 2.9 mm
Steel grade:SH420MH
Diameter of helix:150 mm
Helix thickness:5 mm
Guarantee:30 years
Lengths:1.15 m, 1.65 m, 2.15 m, 3.15 m
Suitable for re-use:Yes


Paalupiste Eco-sarja

ECO series

The Paalupiste ECO series is a low cost but high-quality range of screw piles for consumer use. The ECO series of screw piles are highly suitable as foundations for all yard and garden buildings.

Pipe size:60.3 x 2.9 mm
Steel grade:SH355J2H
Diameter of helix:150 mm
Helix thickness:4 mm
Guarantee:20 years
Lengths:0.70 m, 1.20 m, 1.70 m, 2.20 m, 3.20 m
Suitable for re-use:With reservations


What features should be required from a good screw pile?

Make sure that material certificates are available if needed for the piles you purchase. This ensures that your piles are made from exactly the material indicated by the manufacturer - and not, for example, from a weaker grade of steel or from recycled steel.

Load tables and measuring guides
Reliable load tables should be available for the piles you intend to use, according to pile type. If necessary, the manufacturer must be able to provide guidance in measuring your screw pile requirements.

Country of origin
There are Asian-made imported screw piles on the market, the material and manufacturing quality of which often does not come anywhere near the level of domestic screw piles.

Advantages of screw piles

A long-lasting foundation method

Hot-dip galvanized screw piles are highly resistant to corrosion.


Fast installation, no large-scale earthmoving, no frost insulation, no drainage, no casting, possibility of manual installation using e.g. a crowbar, affordable transport and storage. 

Countless applications

New buildings and extensions, summer cottages, warehouses, carports, terraces, fences, piers, lighting poles, traffic signs, pipelines, agricultural and industrial buildings, etc.

Easy to build

Different types of fasteners allow for easy connection of screw piles to other structures.

Effortless and fast installation

Screw pile installation takes only a few minutes. 

Environmentally friendly

The hand-installation option and light installation equipment protect yards and plants.

Excellent compression and tension loads

Allows for construction on weak soils.

Immediately ready for use

No curing time; can be installed in all weather conditions and used for underwater foundations.

Installation can be carried out in confined spaces

Screw piles can be installed in interiors and beside walls, and are suitable for less accessible sites.

No soil disturbance

Light installation equipment avoids disturbance to the soil.

Noiseless and vibration-free installation

Can be used in places where noise and vibration may disrupt the environment. Can be installed at any time of the day.


Screw piles can be unscrewed and re-used. Very suitable for temporary structures.